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Trump Democracy

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Do you need someone who will tell the truth and not deceive you
Like those who buy your votes by pretending they care about you
They sell you statements that are meaningless like sunny ways
While in reality they’re siphoning more taxes from you
Wait. Wait. I will.

The death of Feel The Bern proves corporatism will not change
You only get to vote for those whose roles are prearranged
If there is someone decent they will not be cleared to win
They might distract from the performance of the stock exchange
Wait. Wait. Wait. I will.

By now we’ve all seen just how money trumps democracy
That’s how the one percent maintain superiority
It’s not so bad if you’re white male and in the colony
But it’s so much better if you’re part of the plutocracy
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. I will. I will. Wait.
©2020, Todd Hunter Band